[Event - 1/9/2018] - LSPD Patrol  (Read 288 times)
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LSPD Patrol
September 1, Saturday, 21:00 GMT+2

Ran By: Chaossy
Dispatch: TBA (possibly Chaossy)

This weekend we will do another patrol event! We will be patrolling Los Santos and it's nearby areas. Just like all of the previous patrolling events events Discord attendance is required but microphone is not, it is crucial that you hear the dispatch and you can always respond to the dispatch through in game chat if you don't feel like using a microphone or don't actually own one.

If you would like to participate, meet up at the front of the Los Santos Market Station (shown here: https://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Market_Station ) this Saturday (September 1) at 21:00 GMT+2.
Hope to see you there,

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