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As always, thank you for reporting the bugs that you find. To make things a bit more streamlined going forward, please use the below format (subject to edits by administration). Thank you for your cooperation!

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[b]Bug Title:[/b] Answer here.
[b]Description:[/b] Answer here.
[b]How can we reproduce the bug?:[/b] Answer here.
[b]Screenshots/Video:[/b] Answer here.

Thanks all!

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Bug Title: Cannot spawn copcarsf
Description: After rank Super Sheriff in the Bone County Sheriff's Office, I lost the ability to spawn copcarsf. It does not show up in the vehicle selector when spawning.
How can we reproduce the bug?: Obtain Super Sheriff II rank in BCSO, /spawn, go to vehicle selection, and look at the spawn list. Copcarsf is missing.
Screenshots/Video: None yet


Format updated, removed the (( )) description and changed it with "Answer here" as it seemed way too confusing for one particular member.