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Username: Siekacz333 (on mta) globally zephyr due to changing nickname.

Date of ban: Im sorry but i dont know the precious date of ban it was serious long time ago. Something about 1 - 3 years i think it was 2 years ago

Reason of ban: i was bitchabouting about coding viruses etc. I just was an kiddo that had fun at server without understanding what i am doing and acting like an complete idiot. Seriously.

Duration of ban: infinity,perm ban

Why do you believe you need a second chance: Every long time lots of things changes. Now im someone that isnt dumb and im thinking two times before doing something. I want to say sorry to the great community that i had chance to meet. Sometimes i got unbanned and i wanted to see admins that i can make appeal for unban. Now i got communicator also made an forum account here
Which administrator banned you: blast3r aka doorman (on discord)

Additional notes: Sorry for my bad english but i tried my best im from poland. Thank you
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Ban appeal DECLINED

This appeal was a tough one to handle considering this incident did happen a while ago, however, after letting the entire High Command Staff team vote we've came to a mutual agreement to deny the appeal mainly due to the fact that you did threaten us to infect our computers with "trojans" which is in no way a forgivable offense, at least not for now.

You may write another appeal after September 28, 2018 if you wish to do so then.