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Today ive seen a really sad situation on server. It was a big conflict with a player Murf. Guys just don't answer on such provocations. He told us a very much bad things. But always remember that you're an officers. I know you were very angry on him but it is not a cause to insult him as an answer.

Also he said words that you can feel very insulting - "You aren't know English and you aren't Americans" and "Hate black people. White power."
This words are means the main advantage of this server - it is a small comunity with ppl all over the world. In this situation we still can comunicate with each others and even play together. This is just amazing :P. About his racism words I only can say that he proven us that among white men is found of bastards too...

Thanks a lot for attention and just be a people.
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First of all why is this posted under "Suggestions" when that section is related for suggestion in terms of script update, if this is a player report it should be PM'd to one of the staff memebrs.

Second of all, if this is a player report we cannot act under it as only screenshot you provided was him saying that we cannot produce anything productive without producing any constructive feedback on what's wrong with it and what not.

Third, if there's anybody I should react to it's Deez_Nuts actually responding to him with an insult, but I'll let that one slide I guess.

Now, last point, it's Murf, he's toxic as hell and people were actually happy when he left another server therefore I'm not surprised he came here trying to be a smartass nor do we mind his comments considering there's absolutely no constructive feedback in them at all.

I will lock this topic in a matter of 24 hours and archive or delete it, until then you may discuss it further.

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I read the PM sent. Seems most people are unhappy with him. But I will need further proof with more screenshots of Murf on chat. In the meantime we cannot take action due to lack of evidence at this stage (or at least not right now) but we will monitor his and all players in the server.

Also I think we need to add a report section on this forums so it will be easier to read reports and that players dont 'suggest' staff to ban players :P

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