[Event - 9/6/2018] - Downhill Racing Tournament  (Read 270 times)
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1v1 Downhill Racing Tournament @ Mount Chiliad
9 June 20:55 GMT+2

Ran By: Chaossy

This is a brand new event curated by me and some of the people around the community. We are going to run in the 90s with some downhill racing, with people slamming on the gas for the event. Meet up at the very top of Mount Chiliad this Saturday (June 9) at 20:55 GMT+2 and we will lay down more of the rules then. Here are the points layout and other info about the event.


Points System
4th-3rd: 75
2nd: 125
1st: 215

Other Info
This is being held on Saturday night in most European times, which is on Saturday afternoons in North America. The event will hopefully last between 45-90 minutes.

Hope to see you there,
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