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Suggestion: Good. Today I introduce myself as another user of this great game mode created in the mta, I mainly have already been watching each police and medical system (I still wait for the update to see the fire department)
However, a great idea came to me that I will detail it below.
In real life situations occur where it is necessary to act from the three emergency services and passing them to the scope of the game I came up with the great idea of ​​creating a call through the script, where it is announced that a plane was crashed at Los Santos International, said call will be reported by the central to medical and police units (NO NPC)

For this call to be enabled, there must be a minimum of ten or twelve people connected (minimum nine police and three doctors)
The main objective of the police, regardless of their rank, will be to check the wounded people through the pointed system and the doctors will have to help the NPCs that are injured in ambulances. The idea is that there are several NPCs for the call to carry job..The goal of the firefighters to put out the fire and help the doctors themselves by taking care of all the injured

Why should this be added?: this should be added to give originality to the server itself, also give more variety, it will be a complex job to make the appropriate scripts but it is worth trying

Anything else you'd like to add?:I would like to add that the call is enabled for the three organisms of the game, as well as its realization
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Please fix your format by not putting everything in bold.

excuse me

Idea is good, all though making it is going to be difficult. I may be wrong but seems really hard to make.



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