Helper Application Template  (Read 52 times)
Here's the template for helper applications for those who are interested in becoming a server helper for SAPDFR Online. Make sure you fill this out correctly or it will lower the chances of you of being hired. You can copy this code and fill it out and you send it to me on Discord or through the forums via PMs. Please follow the 100 word minimum and please no character backstories. When I mean "tell us about yourself" I mean you as in real life. 

Code: [Select]
1) Country:

2) Timezone (GMT):

3) In-game Name:

4) Forum Name:

5) Discord ID:

6) Age:

7) Tell me a bit about yourself(Minimum 100 words):

8) Why do you want to become a helper?(Minimum 100 words):

9) How long have you played SAPD:FR Online for?:

10) Have you ever been punished in any sort of way by the staff team? If so, what was the reason?:

11) Are you a staff member/helper in another community?(Only applies if you are currently a staff member of said community):

12) Do you agree to follow all the rules even when no one is around you?:
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