Postal Code Map  (Read 631 times)
You might find this helpful.!ujgHhZpR!HvrRiJcnFpEFBvX5_YXd2J1EfzpofpQxPifB04XppL8
I created this for event/ people that use dispatch, when they can't tell where they at; so they start describing where they are.
this mod-like file will help you have a map with postal codes so you can call where you are without problems.
how to install? very easy
1- go to :Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\cgui\images.
2- look for: (radar).
3- replace: this file with the original.
and you are done!

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Nice job, this will help us in patrol events and others.
Just 1 thing, you should have been using white color on text , while in LS for example it's pretty bad to see that grey text.