Sheriff's department uniforms (Green/Black)  (Read 298 times)
I bring you some small sheriff modifications in HD.
He left the models he replaces here: csher, dsher, fbi, lapd1, lapdm1, lvpd1, sfpd1.
Then I leave you some pics I do not know which is which right now but it does not have much loss
SS: (Although it may seem that they are not different, each uniform has its chevrons incorporated)
Download: It has a total weight of about 49 mb

- JamesRucker and Co. - Base models
- Alan Stiglitz - Initial Retexture
- Jakeros - HeadSwap & Patches
- Lil'Pie - Retexture/Remodelling of Female Skin
- Paul - Final Retextures

I hope you enjoy it and if you like I have many more skins, I will go up little by little.
 ;D ;D

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Please update post with credits - 24 hours before links are removed. Thank you

Updated and sorry for the error.