[Event - 7/04/2018] LV PvP Pursuits  (Read 404 times)
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PvP Pursuits
April 7, 2018, Saturday, 20:30 GMT+2

Ran By: Chaossy


This weekend we'll be doing yet another and fun PvP pursuits event! Same as before, it starts this Saturday (April 7) at 20:30 GMT+2 at the Las Venturas Airport (NOT the LVPD). No Discord attendance is required. Crooks get to choose any vehicle they'd like to escape with (with some limited exceptions) while the player cops attempt to take them down by destroying their vehicle by any means necessary (also with some limited exceptions). So if you are interested, come on down to the Las Venturas Airport Runway this Saturday!

To spice things up, we'll have a competition. The three who survive the longest will receive EXP.

1st place: 200 exp
2nd place: 100 exp
3rd place: 50 exp

Hope to see you there,
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Oh, Any vehicle I'd like to escape with. Well in that case, I'mma chose the Rhino. Go big or go home, thats what I always say