Additional EMS calls  (Read 1536 times)
Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website):MTA

Suggestion: Additional EMS calls

Why should this be added?: Would make things more dynamic for those of us who use the medical branch

Anything else you'd like to add?: My ideas are:

Unconscious person - Code 3 response - Immediate transport to hospital
Decreased level of consciousness - Code 2 response - check vitals, transport to hospital
Suicidal thoughts - Code 3 response - Transport to hospital
Hit and run pedestrian -  Code 3 response - Check vitals, make them random as far as heart rate and lungs, stabilize, transport to hospital

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Ooo these look interesting.

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realistically though, I'd love to see the hit and run pedestrian one a joint Police-EMS callout. Have it so when PD arrives on scene, it gives them a license plate number of the suspect vehicle, so the officer could go ahead and arrest the person for failure to remain. I'm not sure how hard that would be to script, but it could definately encourage people to play as both EMS and PD, instead of just one or the other

Any more thoughts on this?

Wow, They should be added.
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2 of the 4 callouts have been added with the 1.2.0, might add the rest in future update, moved to accepted.