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[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: [Suggestion] Change turn signal button
« on: March 05, 2020, 06:47:02 pm »
When playing the game, I use a game controller along with the keyboard and therefore not ever the mouse. I'm thinking a lot of other players also use this same method. I'm not familiar with any of the mouse controls via driving any vehicle in this game, but maybe adding support for the mouse could be done, but certainly not disabling the ',' and '.' keys because I'm sure a lot of other players would depend on it

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: Prisoner Transfer Callout.
« on: February 19, 2020, 09:44:49 pm »
Yea, I do tend to make things complex, sorry...

Well this will be easy! So then just the nearest PD at the time of the callout (Transport Units only), then just simply pick up the suspect and go to a random destination PD.

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: Prisoner Transfer Callout.
« on: February 19, 2020, 10:25:10 am »
I like it, let's iron out some details on it though...

Now, let's see here: The callout can be made available to any officer except cadets (Or maybe include cadets too?) and require the first officer to enter the newly spawned prison bus at some random PD. Of course the call will only go to officers in the area, but any officer may join the convoy. Only the first officer to enter that bus will be the driver, the rest who show up will act as escorts

After a period of time has expired and there is at least a driver for the bus, the convoy will begin moving to another random PD or maybe just the prison. This is no ordinary prisoner, no, instead one of the countries most wanted and dangerous criminal. So then, the convoy must reach whatever destination safely.

During the voyage, a number of random things could happen: First off, nothing. Secondly, the prisoners on the bus manage to break free and suddenly leave the bus making a run for it. Thirdly, the convoy is ambushed by a group of vehicle(s) with suspects getting out and openly fire on any of the escort vehicles and/or the bus itself

I guess that is it, did I miss anything? What do you think? Let me know :)

There is a similar suggestion which adding more armor to a suspect's vehicle will happen. But I do understand it does rather "stink" when you lose EXP after a chase that may last up to an hour. Perhaps if the suspect does die in any way, the player should be rewarded with at least some EXP. Disabling the vehicle if it starts on fire is not a bad idea either... :)

Just to add to the suggestion:
(There are some areas here that may be difficult to code because its the AI, but will offer some work arounds)

- Check to see if a unit is already heading out to the area/target by anyone else (Easy enough, just make sure there is only 1 unit per incident)
- Check every 15 seconds for movement by position (You could just auto respawn the unit)
- After maybe 5 minutes or so check to see if the unit made it to the area/target (You could just take the targets out, reward the caller and then remove the unit)

Although just teleporting the unit to the scene is good, it would prove to be a difficult challenge scripting wise...

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: Mimic me Traffic Stops
« on: November 05, 2019, 05:12:48 am »
I'm not exactly sure I understand your suggestion, but having the suspect pull to the right until off the road maybe? Although possible, would be a very complex and difficult script to come up with. Peds, trees, poles and such obstacles would also need to be considered. If you're on the freeway (Elevated) then it's not even possible to get off the road, would just have to pull as far right as possible I suppose. IRL, cops would likely have to instruct drivers to keep going until they were able to exit the freeway. Like I said though, complex, but not impossible

I think the best way to handle this problem is for the officer to use road blocks, simple cones. I've seen an officer doing just this once or twice and was "neatly" done. On the other hand, I also seen many more officers get struck by passing traffic and directed their anger by returning fire for example. Even if the vehicles were to pull to the side, the passing traffic would still act crazy because let's just face facts here, the AI is fairly stupid

Accepted Suggestions / Re: Decrease Damage on Fleeing Vehicle in a Pursuit
« on: November 02, 2019, 06:06:56 am »
The real problem isn't the armor of the vehicle, but rather its intelligence. Making the AI more intelligent is extremely difficult as it requires a massive amount of work with very complex scripts to deal with every aspect the AI will come across. Even if the armor was to be raised, the AI would likely run into something and get stuck way before it runs out of armor. Or at least that has been my experience with pursuits...

However, I do like the idea of the suspect bailing out of the vehicle once it reaches a certain low level of armor. It could be random even, maybe the suspect will run or maybe the suspect would stand their ground and just start attacking. Or maybe the suspect would just give up altogether :)

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: [Suggestion] Medical Skills in FD
« on: October 30, 2019, 04:14:24 pm »
There is always the possibility of a player medic being AFK or something, so I do believe that fire fighters (Or any player for that matter) should be able to call for a AI Medic regardless of who is online. But honestly I don't know that system very well (Medic/Firefighter) as I rarely play the medic role. Therefore my opinions may be a bit inaccurate...

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: [Suggestion] Medical Skills in FD
« on: October 29, 2019, 03:37:24 pm »
I'm not very familiar with the medic/firefighter careers, but both are separate "classes" to my understanding. Medics get calls to handle injured people and Firefighter get calls to handle fires. If Firefighters can do the Medic's job, then what purpose would the medic truly have? Other than playing "taxi" for already handled patients...

Nah, can't say I would support this idea, that role should stay with the Medics

To be honest, a good majority of fire departments in the US have dual use fire trucks, that are equipped with ALS or advanced life support equipment. The reason being that in life threatening calls the fire department is more often than not the first on scene. This is an excerpt from a paramedic firefighter job description

Performs emergency medical activities including, but not limited to Advanced
Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) assessment and treatment
of medical and/or trauma adult and pediatric patients

So for the script, having firefighters able to perform CPR, or stabilizing lungs is very realistic. However, I would suggest making it a fire engineer or above skill

I absolutely agree that firefighters do in fact process such skills in real life. In real life, doesn't matter who gets there first or who is more equipped for the job, first priority is always saving lives. Even cops have similar capabilities on a much smaller scale. All I'm saying though, is in a game, it may unbalance the classes. Likely to discourage medics who feel like their job was already done by the time they get there (If that makes any sense).

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: Female paramedics and firefighters
« on: October 29, 2019, 03:27:42 pm »
I'll support this, it makes perfect sense. As SCPD mentioned, IF there are female skins ready to go :)

[FR:SA] Media / Re: More SAPDFR Videos
« on: October 28, 2019, 05:24:27 am »
Nicely done... XD

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: [Suggestion] Medical Skills in FD
« on: October 27, 2019, 07:43:12 am »
I'm not very familiar with the medic/firefighter careers, but both are separate "classes" to my understanding. Medics get calls to handle injured people and Firefighter get calls to handle fires. If Firefighters can do the Medic's job, then what purpose would the medic truly have? Other than playing "taxi" for already handled patients...

Nah, can't say I would support this idea, that role should stay with the Medics

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: Emergency Landing/Plane Crash Callout
« on: October 27, 2019, 07:37:49 am »
I like the idea, planes are something rare on the server if any exist at all even. However, the police need something more than just the role of blocking off roads to be given a call out. Not to mention newer players can't place road blocks anyway. But there should always be some kind of fire as well as injured people to give both the medic and the firefighter something to do. The size of the fire and the amount of injured people could be random though.

The only way I can think off hand to get the police involved is if the plane was hijacked and the suspects managed to survive the crash, but then again those suspects wouldn't be in any condition to deal with the police if we're considering realism here. But there are probably officers on the server that pay attention to that dispatch and may show up and do a bit of roleplay or something anyway

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: [Suggestion] Fire truck ladder
« on: October 23, 2019, 08:28:47 pm »
Yea, I can't say I'm familiar with the ladder truck and how it would all work either. I doubt the vehicle would be used much anyway as firefighters prefer fires and therefore the  water hose firetrucks. But if it is as simple as adding a single ladder truck to the map or an optional vehicle with no extras needing to be done, then I don't see no harm in adding it. Otherwise, I feel there is more important work to be done instead

[FR:SA] Suggestions / Re: [Suggestion] Heal the players
« on: October 23, 2019, 08:19:40 pm »
So you mean player medics would be able to heal players and revive fallen players as well? Either way I support this idea because the AI is unreliable. However, choosing whether to be healed/revived by a player or AI doesn't seem necessary, which ever gets to the victim first should suffice. Sometimes, the player is unreliable too, going AFK for example. In the meantime though, remember the /spawn command is still an option to respawn and get back into the game

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