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Updates / Update 1.2.5 - February 20 2020
« on: February 20, 2020, 05:51:08 pm »

Just a minor update with much needed bug fixes, we're still focused on our AGRP project which is why the updates are a little bit slow now.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed indicators script not restarting properly once SAPDFR itself restarts (this was the cause of major FPS drops)
  • Added a potential fix for the money UI update issue
  • Fixed Christmas' vendor labels still being visible
  • Fixed labels for vendors, arrest points & towing points not properly being re-created after SAPDFR refresh

General Improvements

  • /(spec)tate now properly returns the Administrator to their old position
  • Added /anims command which lists all available animations
  • Player's roadblocks are now automatically deleted once they quit the server
  • Some minor micro-optimizations to the client-sided code
  • Fixed dead radio links, also changed some radios that are no longer available to new ones

Updates / Update 1.2.4 - November 16 2019
« on: November 16, 2019, 10:17:34 pm »

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed central chat recoloring partnered unit's chat to dark blue
  • Fixed /spawn command leaving the players in the vehicle which was potentially teleport abusable
  • Added a potential fix for the /cc (cruise control) getting cancelled randomly
  • Fixed towtruck anti spam system not working at all
  • Fixed /freeze command not working if the target player is in a vehicle

General Improvements

  • Added /delrbs command which deletes all of the roadblocks you've placed
  • Added new "small spikestrip" roadblock, rewrote the spikestrip code to resolve potential issues
  • Removed "MISC" from the ELS panel and replaced it with "SIREN" which displays your current siren state
  • Added 6 new radio stations & made some minor adjustments to the code
  • Roadblock item now gets deleted once a player enters a vehicle
  • Roadblock's distance now transfers to the next roadblock object if you place it with ALT (multiple roadblock placement)
  • Added a tip message for dead players to use /spawn or wait for a medic to revive them
  • Blocked all Pay 'n' Spray locations from roadblock usage to prevent players blocking their exists
  • Security Guard peds from "Security Guards requires Assistance" callout are now automatically deleted after approximately 4 minutes
  • Updated radar gun's inventory image, it now actually resmebles a proper radar gun
  • Removed speed radar's "shooting sound" and completely disabled the ability to shoot with it
  • Added "expired tags" possibility to ALPR checks
  • Improved glenshit's (Unmarked LVPD) handling, improved suspension's behaviour so it is now a lot less likely to flip it
  • Improved HPV1000's handling, it's brakes and turning have been greatly improved to reduce risk of players kissing the walls
  • Improved Glendale's handling in pursuits, it should no longer flip itself while turning
  • Changed /me command's coloring as well as made it local instead of global to give the players ability to roleplay if they wish to do so without disturbing everyone in the server
  • Pursuit vehicles now take a lot more hits before they actually blow up
  • Added /deletevehicle (/dv) command for Moderator+ which deletes the temporary vehicle they're sitting in

New Features

  • Added indicators. You can press , and . to activate them, in addition to that you'll also be able to see peds using the indicators as well
  • Added new callout: "Vehicle Stuck in Roadway"
  • Added ability to cuff peds, once they're cuffed they can no longer pull out their weapon and / or attack you, they can still, however, attempt to run away from you

HUD UI Redesign

  • Completely re-designed the UI, most of it has been transfered to CEF now to give better perfomance as well as give us sleeker design abilities. New design is completely minimilastic compared to the old design and should no longer take most of your screen, all of the unneccessary information has been removed and only the most important parts have been left in
  • "Active Callout" is now colored in three different colors, blue - Code 1 response, orange - Code 2 response, red - Code 3 response
  • Updated Central Chat's font UI, long texsts should now automatically and properly split up without taking the entire screen on lower resolutions

Updates / Update 1.2.3 - September 20 2019
« on: September 20, 2019, 06:26:51 pm »

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed partner system selecting higher unit's number rather than lower unit's number for the Adam callsign
  • Fixed towtruck units receiving callouts

General Improvements

  • Rewrote the way unit names are handled, it's easier to add new callsign names now
  • Added a new flashing text to players which have their backup beacons active
  • Players are no longer able to use Hex color codes in chat to change their chat colors
  • Added ability for Moderator+ to put up custom vehicle colors while using the /createvehicle command
  • Added /adelrb for Moderator+ which lets them delete any roadblock ID they wish to no matter if it's theirs or not
  • Added a new texture for the "detour sign" which replaces it's text from "Detour" to "Slow Down", special thanks to @WolfSchultz for the image
  • Air units can no longer receive callouts
  • Re-designed the notification UI, it now looks more up-to-date as well as the text itself actually fades out after a while now rather than staying on player's screen forever, keeping the screen as clean as possible
  • Re-positioned "Zone:" text to the right side of the screen
  • Rewrote and micro-optimized lots of old code including the shop vendors & the way parked vehicles are handled

New Features

  • Added a new F3 backup menu which lets you call different backup units such as "Additional Unit", "Air Unit" or "Mike Unit"
  • Added new callsign names for towtruck, air & motorcycle units
  • Added ability to call for direct air or motorcycle backup via the central chat which sends a chat notification to all available units of the specified type

Roadblock System

  • Completely removed roadblocks from the vendors, vehicle trunks as well as the inventory system
  • Added a new roadblock menu which can be accessed by pressing the F5 button
  • Completely rewrote the roadblock system, now before placing the roadblocks you can actually see their position and easily move around with the object, once you've found the perfect position you can either press LCTRL to place just one item or LALT to continue placing more items which allows players to place multiple roadblock objects quickly
  • Added limits to the amount of roadblocks players can place, 10 for regular players, 15 for bronze donators, 20 for silver donators and 25 to gold donators. These limits may be adjusted in the future
  • Roadblocks no longer cost money as the roadblock limit system has been added to prevent players from adding too many
  • Added lots of new roadblock items
  • Added blocked areas for roadblocks, these have been added to the "blocking hotspots" which the players were able to abuse to stop other players from going out of tight areas, these have been added to all police HQs and, if needed, new areas can be easily added in the future if we see them being abused as well

Inventory System

  • Completely rewrote the inventory system, as of now all of the items are placed in the MySql database and no longer depend on MTA's internal database
  • Added a brand new inventory design UI which makes it easier for players to access their items
  • Completely simplified the usage of the items, using the items is just one click away and items are now represented with images rather than the text which makes it easier for players to see where their items are
  • Added ability to delete any unwanted items which can be done by simply dragging the item to the "trash can" icon
  • Seperated the inventory into two different categories, "general" and "weapons"
  • Inventories are no longer global, each save has it's own inventory now

Account System

  • Account system has also been fully rewritten, all of the remaining internal MTA db stats have been completely moved to MySql which allows for easier account management
  • Improved account system's security

Updates / Update 1.2.2 - July 30 2019
« on: July 30, 2019, 08:23:13 pm »

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a minor code error which prevented the "officer x is down" message to appear in central after a player was killed
  • Fixed vehicle repair being unusable from vehicle trunks
  • Fixed an issue in which ped data was not properly set to the victim in the Armed Subject & Assault callouts

General Improvements

  • Updated the trunk system, now the item itself is actually given to the player rather than used right away. This fixes the vehicle repair item not working as well as allows us to add roadblock items into the trunks
  • Added "Spikestrip", "Cone" and "Detour sign" objects to vehicle trunks
  • Updated weapon rank requirements: M4 ( Commander > Assistant Chief of Police, Captain > Sheriff ), MP5 ( Senior Lead Officer > Sergeant II, Sergeant > Captain )
  • Removed the ability to purchase M4 and MP5 from the Vendors
  • Updated item prices, most of the items actually require money now to endorse money usage
  • Updated the fire system, players are now actually able to walk through the fires, if they're brave enough that is
  • Updated Fire Truck's handling, it actually feels like a real truck now
  • Blocked ability to knock down other players with the Fire Truck's water cannon
  • Updated Central to say "Firefighter is down" instead of "Officer is down" for dying firefighters
  • Blocked Towtrucks from towing trailers as well as bikes in hopes of fixing client sided crashes (thanks to Dutchman for noting this issue to us)

New Features

  • Added a roadblock system which allows players to buy roadblocks from either the Vendor or their own vehicle's trunk and place them on the map, at the moment only two objects are available, "cone" and "detour sign", we'll add more items if the system proves to be effective and does not get spammed by the players
  • Added ability to permanently change you siren & car radio sound settings through the /settings menu

Updates / Update 1.2.1 - June 23 2019
« on: June 23, 2019, 11:02:36 pm »

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed detain anti spam not working properly

General Improvements

  • Updated Prisoner Van's capacity from 2 to 6 making it actually have a purpose for the players
  • Added money reward when extinguishing fire for firefighters
  • Added /revokehelper command for Head Admin+
  • Markers are now actually removed when a random occurance happens on callout peds which means players will no longer be able to stop them from running away by stepping into the marker
  • Detain now has an anti spammer that's properly functioning, you can only detain a ped once in 1.5 seconds which should prevent players from spamming it to trigger a ped to either attack or escape
  • Added 8 new locations to Street Race in Progress, entire San Andreas map is now covered
  • Updated frisking, illegal items are now colored red in the chatbox, there are less illegal peds as well as added lots of new items
  • Added lots of new possible ped name combinations
  • Added 1 more locations to Armed Robbery (Fort Carson)
  • Player's name is now colored red in the chatbox if they're in the EMS / FD branche


  • Added new callout: Public Indecency
  • Added new callout: Security Requesting Assistance (only available at 1 location as a test for now!)

Updates / Update 1.2.0 - June 8 2019
« on: June 04, 2019, 09:48:23 pm »

NOTE: This update is going live on June 8 2019, 21:00 GMT+2 (Summer Time), changelog itself may change until it's release with any new features we add

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved bug report #26 - 100% exp text with 0/700 experience
  • Resolved bug report #27 - Login music duplicated upon registering
  • Resolved bug report #39 - Medics remove your health stem
  • Resolved bug report #49 - Fire at Ganton building (same issue usually reported at Blueberry Pizza Hut & Palomino Creek Ammu Nation)
  • Fixed an HUD issue in which the health bar would go over it's limit if you had more than 100% HP (health stems)
  • Fixed an issue in which nearby objects would become invisible if you entered areas where a building used to be located at previously (i.e LSPD interior, SFFD HQ, etc.)
  • Fixed game clients crashing during server refresh
  • Fixed exp display giving weird decimal numbers in some occurrences
  • Fixed Bobcat & Esperanto flipping over while turning in pursuits
  • Fixed client RAM usage increase which would occur after every server refresh
  • Fixed pursuit peds despawning even if they're streamed it, this time we've tested it extensively with no issues

General Improvements

  • Limited Medic & FD backup requests to once per 30 seconds to prevent spams
  • Updated Illegal Street Race callout to have a dynamic amount of vehicles depending on it's location as well as added 1 more location to it
  • Added /clearchat, /sethp, /setarmor, /setteam, /giveweapon, /spec, /freeze, /unfreeze, /acmds, /resetcallsign, /ban, /unban, /mute, /unmute for Moderator+
  • Removed MTA's default admin panel as it is no longer necessary thanks to all the new commands that were added for the staff team
  • Added ability for Moderator+ to delete nearby peds & vehicles
  • Added ability for Moderator+ to create temporary vehicles as well as ability to delete all temporary vehicles
  • Street Race, Armored Truck Robbery and similiar callouts now delete nearby vehicles to prevent them being blocked by peds that were already on scene
  • Added /hcmds for Helpers which shows all available Helper commands to them
  • Updated the way that ped data is being handled which should result in less bandwith usage on both the client and the server
  • Updated the in-game logo with our new SAPD:FR Online logo
  • Completely changed Medic ranks with new FD ones as well as renamed all Emergency Services to Fire Departments
  • Changed logos in the Medic (now FD) branche to FD logos
  • Improved Ambulance's acceleration and Top Speed
  • Moved Ambulance to rank 2 vehicle while the new Sadbulance is now a rank 1 vehicle
  • Updated Prison Transport's van model, it's now re-colorable and has windows in the back, thanks to @Nick for the model update
  • Added a new pop-up message design which shows over player's upper screen area
  • Updated /ann to use the new pop-up message design
  • Added ability for staff members to start countdowns by using the new /countdown command, this will be especially handy for server events
  • Updated HUD player images with new HD ones, big shoutout to @WolfSchultz for the new image designs
  • Updated the elevator script, it's easier to add them now and they're using a regular marker instead of an arrow which gave position issues by always spawning in a different height
  • Added new female skin models for both the PD and the Sheriff Departments, huge shoutout once again to @WolfSchultz for the models
  • Removed ability to call for FD NPCs as they were useless, as of now it looks for any available FD players and calls them if they're available, if not it'll just notify the player that no fire units are available
  • Completely updated ped's attacking code, from now on they won't just stand still after killing someone instead they'll either move onto their next target or simply flee from the scene
  • Added 3 new locations to Armored Truck Robbery
  • Greatly improved HPV1000's acceleration and top speed to make it act like a high speed vehicle
  • Added ability to disable serversided corona siren lights through the /settings menu
  • Added ability for Administrator+ to restart script resources (/rr)
  • Added a possibility of an Emergency Vehicle spawning as a random occurrence in the Vehicle Theft callout
  • Changed NPC vehicle's spawn transparency from 5 seconds to 2 seconds

New Features

  • Added a new Fire Department branche which has been merged with the medics, vehicles & callout ability depend on the skin you spawn with
  • Added a new synced Fire System which has 3 different sizes, "large", "medium", "small", extinguishing starts from the large size and works itself down to small until it's fully extinguished
  • Added a new server sided Fire Truck mod which was created by @Nick
  • Added 2 brand new vehicles, Sadbulance & Fire Rescue, both created by @Nick
  • Added new callouts: Building Fire (FD), Unconscious Person (Medics), Suicidal Thoughts (Medics), Fire (FD) & MVA (FD)
  • Added colored text chat for Silver & Gold donators
  • Added ability for Gold Donators to change their own callsign by using the /callsign command
  • Added ability to reset your password in-game at the login / registration screen
  • Added a new custom siren system which features 5 different modes for the PD vehicles and 3 different modes for the FD vehicles, their volume has been made higher than the usual siren for the realism effect and can be changed by adjusting the "MTA Volume" setting in MTA settings. For optimal experience use 100%. In addition the sirens are completely moddable with any sound you wish as long as it's a .wav file, simply go to SAPDFRMods - sirens and add a "mod_" prefix to the sound you wish to replace, example: "mod_pdwail".
  • Added a new gate system which automatically opens the gates when a player comes near it and does not close until the player passes it, this system is used on the new FD maps for the garage doors
  • Added a new report (/report) system which lets players report other players to online staff members
  • Added a new Tactical Vest system which allows players to equip a tactical vest by using their vehicle's trunk (cosmetic only!)


  • Added LSFD and SFFD maps, made by @Redziczektaki
  • Added APFD & BCFD maps, made by @WolfSchultz
  • Added a new RCFD map
  • Added LS, LV & SF SAHP HQ maps as well as a SAHP training course map in the Las Venturas
  • Removed the boxes behind the All Saints General Hospital

Special thanks

@WolfSchultz - Map, gfx & model contributions
@Nick - Vehicle model contributions
@Redziczektaki - Map contributions
@MaXKillS - gfx contributions

Beta testers

@WolfSchultz , @Chico2 , @Chaossy , @thatdudequint , @Elite16 , @Nick , @Gyptita , @MasterAfter

News & Information / Update 1.2.0 Official Announcement
« on: March 13, 2018, 03:58:02 pm »
Update 1.2.0 Official Announcement

Hey there and welcome to the official 1.2.0 announcement. Some of you may have already been notified that we're cancelling the Fire Department update due to the lack of fire sync from the side of MTA:SA, however, today we're quite happy to announce that the upcoming 1.2 update is fully aimed towards the Fire Department!

Fire Department

Unlike the initial plan, the Fire Department itself will not come as a third branch, instead, it'll merge with the medical branch itself. Why? Well, with the Fire Department we've decided that it'd be best that we focus on the way LAFD itself works which has both medical and firefighters under one wing. Due to this decision we will change all of the rank to firefighter ones and add ability to spawn as either medic or firefighter under the medic branch. That also means that the medics itself will be renamed to Fire Department and all of the callouts will be under one branch.

Fire system and sync

We're sure that the first line of the text on this thread has got you wondering how we managed to overcome the sync issues. The answer is simple, we simply wrote our own fire system which is nowhere near perfect but it also does it's job. The advantage to this is us being able to produce a lot of smoke into the fire itself which adds to the realism as well as the ability for us to update the fire system itself whenever we feel the need to as it's not connected to the game's engine.

Each fire has three effects before it's extinguished, large, medium, small, once you extinguish it you will receive 1 experience point as a reward. Do note that each callout has around 30-40 fires to extinguish which means that alongside the callout experience bonus this branch should no longer feel like a major grind anymore.

The system itself also has a custom made sync which we've already tested with the staff team on the main server and has proved to work perfectly which gave us the green light on the Fire Department system.

Other changes

In addition to the already stated changes we're happy to also announce that all of the spawn points for the medic will be changed as well. They will be moved on towards custom made Fire Department maps created for us by @Redziczektaki that resemble IRL fire stations with multiple garage entrances. Each map itself will feature a simple gate system that opens the garage doors whenever you come close to them.

Naturally, as always, we're also adding a new fire truck mod made for us by @Nick which features custom lightbars that work with the server's ELS system. Do note that for the best experience with it you'll require to have his TXD hack file installed.

There has also been a polish to the server refresh system, it's been changed to happen every 4 hours instead of 2 and is also less resource demanding and takes less time now, a memory leak that we found inside of it has also been resolved.

It is also in plans to add a system where you'll be able to direct NPCs out of the fire zones as a firefighter, however, since we didn't reach that part yet it is not yet fully confirmed.


The FD will feature various new callouts ranging from: Building Fire, Fire, Forest Fire, Vehicle Fire as well as some other callouts.

Building Fire - As the name itself says, it's a fire located in a building. We've taken the interior system that we already have in the server to it's full use by making enormous building fires with lots of fire located inside and outside of the buildings.

Fire - This will feature different types of fires at different locations, it can be either small, medium or large. Locations can range from just a trash bin on the street all the way to a large park fire in city's parks.

Forest Fire - As the title itself says, fires located in the various forests around San Andreas, usually large.

Vehicle Fire - As the title says.

Will this take as long as the 1.1.0 did?

No, at the time we announced 1.1.0 we were still working on the minor updates for the 1.0 update branch. However, this time, we're already working on the 1.2.0 and a decent amount of progress has been made as well which means that the 1.2.0 update is actually the next update and will take somewhere between one to three weeks.

What will happen with the branch at the main menu on the left?

The branch that's on the left on the main menu will be replaced by the organisation system that will come in the future. Organisation system will feature custom departments / divisions such as SAHP, SWAT, Detectives, etc.


Here are some screenshots of the already finished features:

FD Screenshots


We will also post some progress screenshots from time to time on our Discord server


Have a question? Ask it by replying here and we'll respond as soon as possible!

Kind regards,
Advanced Gaming Management

Updates / Update 1.1.5 - February 28 2018
« on: February 28, 2018, 06:33:54 pm »

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Burrito spawning in Vehicle Theft & Armored Truck Robbery callouts
  • Added a possible fix for player blips not deleting after quitting
  • Fixed ELS panel popping up while /hidehud was enabled
  • Fixed EXP rewards sometimes giving weird decimal numbers for donators with exp bonuses
  • Fixed the unwanted guest which usually brought a stretcher with himself staying at your vehicle after using /spawn

General Improvements

  • Added /getherevehicle (alt: /gethereveh, /ghv) for Moderator+ which teleports player's personal vehicle to them
  • Added Head Administrator rank
  • Added /setadmin command for Head Admin+
  • Added 2 new radio stations: Nightwave Plaza (thanks @Joel9309 for the suggestion) & Old School R&B
  • [Experimental] Added a new endless pursuit system as well as made peds generate more dynamic routes (Bone County shouldn't be the hot spot anymore)
  • Improved vehicle pursuits by making the AI drive a lot faster than before (they're no longer stuck to ~80 km/h and can reach top speed)
  • Increased exp reward for patient drop off by 5 exp
  • Decreased exp reward for subject neutralized by 5 exp, increased arrest reward by 5 exp (please move your finger from the trigger, thanks!)
  • Changed All Saints Hospital's medic position so it's no longer close to the rude boxes that did nothing but damage your bumper
  • Added /setvol command for radios, it ranges from 0 - 100, default volume is 50
  • Spray can and tear gas are now functional, big thanks to Zorgman for the idea on how to make it work!
  • Added the missing tear gas HUD icon
  • Adjusted rotations of ambulances at the Los Santos spawn (Happy @Winged002 ?)
  • Added a lot of new possible ped names

New Features

  • Added new callout: Street Race in Progress. This is the 20th callout in SAPD:FR Online and is only available at one place for now just so we could see if there are any bugs in it that we need to eliminate first, more locations will be added after. Vehicles can be either exotic or sport and have a random chance of spawning modified as well. They'll always make a run for it so make sure you're well prepared because they're not an easy catch with the updated pursuits system!

Archive / [Event - 17/02/2018] PvP Pursuits
« on: February 16, 2018, 04:42:47 pm »
PvP Pursuits
Feburary 17 2018, Saturday, 21:00 GMT+1

Ran By: SAPD:FR Online Staff


This weekend we'll be doing yet another and fun PvP pursuits event! Same as before, it starts on Saturday 17 2018 at 21:00 GMT+1 at the San Fierro Police Department HQ, no Discord attendance is required. Crooks get to choose any vehicle they'd like to escape with while player cops assignment is to take them down by destroying their vehicle by any means necessary.

Hope to see you there,
Advanced Gaming Management

News & Information / High Command Staff Changes
« on: February 13, 2018, 10:17:35 pm »
Hello there,

Today we're more than happy to announce that there have been some changes in our High Command staff team, in a good sense that is. As of today @Caracatus1 has been promoted from Head of Helpers to Head of Administration and he's fully in charge of the staff team and @Chico2 has been promoted from Staff Supervisor to Head of Helpers which means that from now on all Helper letters of interests are to be sent to him via Discord DMs, not Caracatus1.

In addition to that we're also happy to announce that @armin4321 has been promoted from Moderator to Administrator (staff supervisor) as well as @goober5198 has been promoted from Moderator to Administrator (no extra roles assigned).

We're more than sure that they're going to do an excellent job in their roles and we also can't wait to see them start!

Kind regards,
Advanced Gaming Management

Updates / Update 1.1.4 - February 04 2018
« on: February 04, 2018, 08:02:36 pm »

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed patrol zones sometimes not properly setting up after entering which resulted in no patrol zone active until you re-enter it
  • Fixed player A not getting exp when partnered after arresting suspect(s)
  • Fixed multiple vehicle spawn locations for medics, it no longer just spawns at 1 location which usually resulted in vehicle pile-up if a lot of players spawned at once

General Improvements

  • AI vehicles are now collision-less and transparent for 5 seconds after spawning, players should no longer crash into them on highways when they spawn near you
  • Increased traffic density from 0.25 to 0.50
  • Updated F9 menu, big thanks to @Nick for this!
  • Added an elevator at RCSD station for the roof
  • Moved Bone County EMT spawn location to Fort Carson as well as added a medic point at Fort Carson
  • Added /gethere (alt: /gh) command for Moderators

New Features

  • Added EMT Burrito vehicle, it serves as a faster alternative to the Ambulance and is unlocked at rank 6 (Medical Lieutenant)
  • Added a radio system which plays radio streams when you're in vehicle
  • Added /song command which gets the current radio song
  • Added new callout: Food Poisoning (medic)

Archive / [Event - 03/02/2018] Bayside Area Patrol
« on: January 31, 2018, 06:20:27 pm »
Bayside Area Patrol
Feburary 3 2018, Saturday, 21:00 GMT+1

Ran By: SAPD:FR Online Staff


This weekend we return with yet another patrol event, this time taking place in Bayside. We figured that patroling in Bayside Area might be fun as some people do like said area but never pay attention to it as nobody is usually around. If you wish to attend please meet up at the Bayside's parking lot located on the south side at Saturday, Feburary 03, 21:00 GMT+1. Just like in every patrol event so far Discord attendance is required, microphone is not.

Hope to see you there,
Advanced Gaming Management

Updates / Update 1.1.3 - January 30 2018
« on: January 30, 2018, 08:28:27 pm »

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed medics unable to enter vehicles after server refresh if they had a stretcher on them
  • Fixed medics able to spawn with police officer's skins and vice versa after /spawn
  • Fixed donators receiving "bonus" on negative exp value
  • Fixed players being told to provide CPR on patients with inflated lungs in the medic menu
  • Fixed players being able to pull over ambulances which often resulted in frozen medic players thinking what they done wrong in their life to deserve such a thing

General Improvements

  • Adjusted patient heart beats to a realistic number (60 - 100 BPM is now average)
  • Increased Pay 'n' Spray price from 15$ to 35$
  • Increased vehicle repair kit price from 0$ to 35$ at vendors as well as spike strips from 0$ to 20$
  • Vehicle repair kits rank requirement upped by 1, first kit now requires rank 3 instead of 2 and second requires 5 instead of 4
  • Improved spikestrip's collisions as well as rewrote the hit detection script, it should be 100% reliable now, if you see one vehicle pass without a confirmed hit please report it to me so I can increase the collision size
  • Gold donators now have unlimited inventory weight

New Features

  • Added a elevator script which teleports player from point A to point B
  • New callout added: Drug Overdose (medics)

SAPD:FR Mod Installer

  • Seperated each mod into it's own folder category, from now on vehicles will only work if they're placed in the "vehicles" folder, same for skins, weapons, etc.
  • Added ability to install TXD hack by placing their images into the "txdhack" folder, installation steps explained here
  • Fixed "firetruck" mod name to "firetruk", thanks to @Caracatus1 and @Nick  for reporting this
  • Updated readme

Archive / [Event - 27/01/2018] SAHP Public Patrol
« on: January 26, 2018, 06:19:31 pm »
SAHP Event Public Notice

Ran by: @goober5198
Dispatch: @goober5198 or @OfficerJacob


San Andreas Highway Patrol Organisation is once again happy to announce a SAHP Public Patrol event. The goal for this event is to show players how SAHP usually patrols and possibly attract them in applying to join the organisation. Patrol's jurdisiction will be the entire San Andreas Highway and it'll start on Saturday, January 27, 21:00 GMT+1. If you wish to attend meet up at the SAHP HQ which can be found outside of Angel Pine where the gas station used to be. Discord attendance is required to hear dispatch's callouts but a microphone, however, is not.

Hope to see you there,
San Andreas Highway Patrol High Command

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