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Re: New elm mod
There is a problem with this ELM mod. It is compatible to only certain vehicles. I believe most of Nick's mods and all of mines do not work with this ELM as yet we have no installed special lighting texture on our vehicles. I +1 for this but only if we have the option to choose the old traditional ELM mod.

Read what I wrote in the previous post, we'd have to make it crash proof. We've also further discussed this and if it manages to work we'll also add like a GUI into which players will be able to copy paste ELM mappings for specific mods so that they can use them on their own mods as well instead of only server mods.

January 21, 2017, 06:22:25 pm
Re: Vehicle.txd This is the TXD hack i used. It is designed specifically for cars with blue lights but it should work for red and blue cars too.

Be sure to backup ur files tho :P

January 21, 2017, 08:36:16 pm
Re: Vehicle.txd This is mine, as long as you don't have a mod that uses the Feinex Fusion lighting (I doubt it as I don't think I've released anything with it but could be wrong) then it is good to go:

EDIT: Just checked SCPD's and for the most part they are the same, but mine has white and amber TIR6 lighting, a green LINZ6, and a red/blue split LINZ6. It also has spots where I could map pink and purple lights too :P

January 21, 2017, 10:47:22 pm
Re: Update 1.1.0 - Our plans & your thoughts A little peek-a-boo for v1.1

January 26, 2017, 10:40:19 pm
Re: Install Skins Uhmmm I have no idea why the skin mods are being blocked, I'll try to see if I can do anything about it in the 1.0.8, no promises tho.

EDIT: Resolved in 1.0.8

February 10, 2017, 06:49:31 pm
[Guide] Installing skin and car mods for SAPD:FR Online server only
    NOTE: This ability is effective as of update 1.0.8.


    To install skin mods get the files that you want to use for the mod and make sure it's the exact same name as the file of the skin you're actually replacing it with. For example tenpen.dff and tenpen.txd. If the file name is different than the skin object name it won't work.

    Once you're sure you have the right mods head over to your MTA San Andreas installation directory and open the following folders:

    "MTA San Andreas 1.x - mods - deathmatch - resources"

    Under the resources search for folder "SAPDFRMods" and open it, you should see a folder "files" inside of it, open it and simply add the files you want there. Once done, use the /settings command and turn off default server mods and either press 1 (if you were in game while installing the mod) or simply start MTA:SA and enter the SAPD:FR Online server and the skin mods should be there if everything done properly.

    Vehicle Installation

    To install vehicles just repeat the proccess as mentioned above, however for vehicles you need to name the file as vehicle ID's instead, for example if you want to edit Police LS it needs to be named 596.dff & 596.txd.

    Full vehicle ID list


    • This ability has been added in the 1.0.8 update
    • This works with both cars and skins therefore this system could be better if you want to install mods for SAPD:FR Online server only, in addition it also lets you reset the mods once in game which means you can install the mods without closing the game
    • It is highly recommended that you disable default modifications in /settings if you're overriding a default modified vehicle
    • This is a resource made by ccw therefore full credits go to the MTA:SA team
    • There are readme files located in the folder therefore if this thread has confused you, please read that file
    • Button for reloading the models is numpad 1 (in case you've installed the mod while MTA:SA was running)

    NOTE: As of update 1.0.9 this installer also works with weapon mods as well as car names.

    February 10, 2017, 09:13:48 pm
    Re: [Contest] A good image for our facebook profile True art.

    February 28, 2017, 04:44:20 pm
    90s State Police I just took some screenshots and decided to mess around with them in the Photoshop. Here're the results (I normally don't use software like this and I did it very quickly).
    P.S. Cars were made by @Nick aka ThatOneIowan

    March 05, 2017, 05:09:26 pm
    [Suggestion] - Map legend Suggestion for (MTA, forum, website): MTA.

    Suggestion: SAPD:FR Online map legend.

    Why should this be added?: To let the new players know what do those blips mean.

    Anything else you would like to add: -

    Example: (btw i made it on paint lol)

    March 25, 2017, 05:33:34 am
    [Guide] Installing TXD Hack for vehicle lightbars Well it seems that some people are struggling with how to install the TXD Hack or are installing the one with gta_sa.exe file which is more than pointless as that's for SA-MP therefore if you're not planning to play SA-MP I'd strongly advise you not to do that as it'll just give you a warning that you have custom ".asi" mods which are not supported by MTA:SA whenever you were to start MTA:SA (yeah, that's right, I'm saving 5 seconds of your time, maybe 10 if you have a toaster for PC like I do).

    What is TXD Hack?

    In general, the TXD Hack is called a hack because it works in a way that it edits gta_sa.exe to allow SA-MP to load custom vehicle.txd. Technically, since MTA:SA only requires an image change I guess you can't even call that a "hack" and in general for SA-MP as well it's also not counted as a hack as it does not give any advantage to players whatsoever.

    TXD Hack is pretty much used for police vehicle mods to improve the looks of your lightbars. In general it changes the design of GTA:SA's original vehicle lights to suit the lightbar lights, such as these:

    Normally, without the TXD Hack they'd most likely appear as white, such as in Master After's image:

    Or the ugly round circles at lightbars:

    How to install by editing vehicles.txd?

    NOTE: If you wish to install this mod via SAPD:FR Mods folder, please read below.

    First of all download the TXD Workshop which you're going to use to replace the images in the vehicles.txd file.

    Once you've downloaded TXD Workshop, download Nick's TXD Hack image files by right clicking on the images and pressing "save image as..."

    Rename upper image to vehiclelights128 and the lower image to vehiclelightson128.

    After placing the images start up the TXD Workshop as an Administrator (if you don't run it as admin you're just going to get an error) and press "open TXD". Navigate to your GTA: San Andreas installation folder and go to "models" - "generic" and open the vehicle.txd that's inside there.

    Once you open the vehicle.txd press the "import" button and import the images you have downloaded previously, they should automatically replace the existing images if they've been properly named as stated in the previous steps. After that, press save TXD and that's about it, you should be done.

    Note: If you want to test if the trick worked quicky without entering your game and also have GGMM installed, open up GGMM and search for your police vehicle mod and see if the lightbars have changed, if not, re do the last steps (I had to do it twice for some reason before it worked).

    How to install TXD Hack via SAPD:FR Online mod folder? (Easier method)

    Installing the TXD Hack via SAPD:FR Online mod folder is as easy as counting to three. All you have to do is get the TXD hack images and make sure they're in the .png format (either pull them out with TXD Workshop as explained above or use the links I provided below) and put them into the SAPD:FR Mods txdhack folder for which the default directory is:

    Program Files (x86) - MTA San Andreas 1.5 - Mods - deathmatch - resources - SAPDFRMods - files - txdhack

    Once you place the images into the said folder just press numpad_1 while in game and the TXD Hack should work.

    TXD Hack files:

    Wolfschultz's TXD Hack - Makes the lightbars look more like actual LED lights

    Nick's TXD Hack (recommended)

    Doomer's TXD Hack (only use if you're using Doomer's car mods)

    Update 5/16/2018: Updated Imgur link to my current TXD Hack, supporting the newer Whelen Edge I use. - Nick

    April 04, 2017, 06:04:55 pm