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[Suggestion] Spotlight and/or alley light
Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA server

Suggestion: I think we should have a controllable spotlight that you can use the numpad to control where it is pointed. It would make things a little more realistic at traffic stops, where its dark, you can light up the inside of the car with it. Also searching for fleeing suspects you could use it to light up darker areas. The same principle goes for the alley/takedown lights, although with those, i kind of think it should be integrated into the reworked ELS

Why should this be added?:It would make things a little more realistic at traffic stops, where its dark, you can light up the inside of the car with it. Also searching for fleeing suspects you could use it to light up darker areas

Anything else you'd like to add?: you guys are awesome

January 28, 2017, 12:24:57 am
Re: [Suggestion] Spotlight and/or alley light yes, but the spotlight would also need to be toggleable, as IRL it is actually illegal, not to mention extremely dangerous to other motorists, to have the spotlight on while the vehicle is in motion, with the sole exception of if you are actively looking for a suspect using the spotlight and driving a very low speeds. Bottom line is, it needs to be toggleable
February 02, 2017, 12:41:59 am
Re: [Suggestion] Donation Rewards?
We are working on a donator system at the moment, however I will note that we will never, ever, ever give in game currency and experience for donations. We will have some other things that you guys will be notified about in the future but don't expect any sort of faster progress just because you fellas donate :)

Thank god you said that. I play MTA:RP and thats one of the big bones of contention. their donation system is pretty much a pay2win. Once something like that is implimented, its pretty well going to be impossible to get rid of it without losing half your player base, as people become "stat-whores" (pardon the language, but thats what they are called). once you have that happen, then everyone will be getting pissed when you start talking about removing it

February 02, 2017, 11:56:10 pm
[Suggestion] Require all players to review server rules upon connection
Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA Server

Suggestion: Force all players to read and accept server rules upon connection before they can spawn. If they decline the rules, it should automatically disconnect them from the server

Why should this be added?:Currently players can use the excuse "I didn't know that was against the rules", if they are caught insulting others, stealing arrests, spamming the chat, not using english in chat, using all capitals in chat. An example of such can be seen here:

With this on the server, if the player clicks accept, any actions made on their player is their responsibility, and they can't use the defense of I didn't know, since they accepted the server rules. If they accepted without reading, thats nobody's fault but theirs

Anything else you'd like to add?: Several players were frustrated by the dm fest that occured last night by two users. Eventually they both left because I warned them several times that if they did not stop, they would be reported. It troubles me that it even had to get to that point

February 03, 2017, 10:03:32 pm
Doing my part to help the Multi Theft Auto game be more stable As most of you know, several players have had issues with MTA crashing. I myself have had this problem. What I want to do is do my best to help the MTA community as a whole. Thats why I'm starting this thread, to gather information about the various crashes, do some in depth research into the causes, and if it requires a patch from the MTA devs, submit that info to them.

Please use the following google form to submit info. This will make it easier for me to gather details about the nature of your crash, and to better debug them.

Note: No personal information is collected whatsoever. I don't ask for your name, your email, or anything. Thats not what this is for. This is for helping to make Multi Theft Auto more stable for everyone to use.

February 04, 2017, 06:33:32 pm
Re: posts being deleted? it didn't get deleted. It was moved to the [Accepted] Subforum

February 06, 2017, 08:27:50 pm
Re: [Road Barriers ] 2k16/ Caracatus1 if anything, we need spike strips
February 08, 2017, 03:35:46 am
Meanwile in..... Post your "meanwhile in <post your country here." images and gifs. Lets have some fun

Meanwhile in Canada

February 12, 2017, 12:38:26 am
Re: Funny in game moments

And y'all need to learn how to drive in a pursuit

thats why when I know the people I'm involved in a pursuit with are driving like orangutangs, I drop back a bit, and wait. Eventually they will lose control, and wind up in a body of water, and then I'm good to reengage

+1 on this, I can't follow suspects properly without a unit overtaking me and trying to PIT like headless monkeys lol. You can see me at the video where we were headed from RC to LV I litteraly had to move to the opposite side of the highway to avoid Loteriapl hitting me again while trying to overtake me and PIT.

Apparently they all follow the Midtown Madness 2 playbook where they rather rape and dogpile the suspect to death instead of pursuit tactics lol

A rolling roadblock is probably the easiest tactics to perform here lol

March 09, 2017, 02:57:07 am
Re: [REL] 2010 Ford Crown Victoria - London, Ontario Police Department

Made per request. Special thanks to OfficerBobrovsky for his release on LCPDFR, making the skin possible.


2010 Ford Crown Victoria
London, Ontario Police Department

- 2010 Ford Crown Vic
- Generic skin
- Template
- Readme

- Grimm
- ThatOneIowan
- Reckless
- RacingFreak
- Driver SF/Ubisoft
- Bxbugs123
- OfficerBobrovsky
- Martin_Stainman
- Emergency112

Vehicle lighting
This vehicle uses an updated version of my previously released vehiclelights128(on), which you can get here:

Editing Disclaimer
This modification may have bugs and/or outdated parts as it was made in 2015 and may have not been released. This model is unlocked and free to re-release or edit and release as long as credits are provided. Template provided (if any) may not be correct for model. Templates can be found here: If you have any questions or if the template is not in the gallery please contact me.

Can be installed via GGMM, IMG Tool 2.0, Alci’s IMG Editor, or another tool designed to edit gta3.img. Occasionally I may accidentally release a modification with two different names for the .dff and .txd. Please contact me and I will let you know the best slot to use as well as correct the download at my earliest convenience.

Handling Information
Vehicles are designed to be used with slots designated in compressed file. Handling lines are not provided.

Images are not included with the download to reduce file size.

I am always open to suggestions but I may not be interested. I primarily focus on vehicles from the United States or generic mods based on US vehicles. Feel free to contact me if you would like to make a suggestion.


Oh my god man. I just saw this post. Thank you soooooo much for making this. That thing is sexy. And absolutely no FPS drops. You are a freaking god!

March 09, 2017, 06:56:54 pm